Vertical slat ceilings made of high quality colored aluminum

The DOBNER vertical slat ceiling is one of the most affordable ceiling systems for very large ceiling areas, especially for airport terminals. DOBNER has developed a support rail with variable slat spacing. This means that additional savings of up to approx. 85% are possible. White or aluminum colored aluminum panels are mostly used. With DOBNER you have the option of using the entire RAL color range.

Big or small - no matter how big your project is, please send us an email with your wishes. We will make you a very good offer quickly and reliably. DOBNER metal ceilings are sold directly from the factory - without intermediaries. DOBNER has been producing high-quality metal ceilings since 1972 - for 50 years. Rest assured that we will deliver the optimal ceiling system for you too!

DOBNER vertical slat ceiling made of high-quality colored aluminum in Frankfurt Airport, Terminal A
DOBNER vertical slat ceilings with different slat spacing
Vertical slat ceilings in an gate area

DOBNER vertical slat ceiling in an airport lounge

DOBNER vertical slat ceiling at Sofia Airport (BG)

DOBNER vertical slat ceiling in a security area

DOBNER metal slat ceilings in an airport building

DOBNER metal ceilings in an airport terminal

DOBNER slat ceilings in a waiting area

DOBNER metal slat ceiling in the security area of an airport

DOBNER slat ceilings in an airport terminal

DOBNER vertical slat ceiling in the waiting area of an airport terminal


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